Ara Tūhono
Pūhoi to Warkworth

Urban Landscape Design Sector Plans (ULDSP)

As part of the detailed design of the motorway, NX2 will prepare ULDSPs for each sector of the project – Pūhoi, Moir Hill, Hikauae Creek, and Warkworth. ULDSPs will also be prepared for some specific locations where attention needs to be given to visual effects and screening, such as construction areas and yards.

A ULDSP includes drawings and details on the various construction and design elements of the project. An example is for any construction yards within 200m of a residential dwelling; the plans will detail the screening of the yards. Another example is for permanent project elements, the ULDSP will detail the motorway and local road design, pedestrian and cycle facilities, retaining walls and landscaping of earthworks areas.

The project team will be working through these plans in early 2017. NX2 is proposing a two-stage approach for the ULDSP consultation. Residents listed in the BOI conditions will firstly receive ULDSPs for the temporary construction works (such as construction yards), and at a later stage will receive ULDSPs for the permanent works such as final landscaping.

This process will give more time for consultation with stakeholders and the community, and allow appropriate consideration of the final form and legacy features of the project, instead of producing generic information in the early stages of the project – which would not meet the expectations of the community.


Moir Hill Road Construction Yard

View the final Moir Hill Construction Yard ULDSP here: Moir Hill Construction Yard ULDSP