South - Pūhoi

The Draft Urban Landscape Design Sector Plan Pūhoi Sector outlines how the Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway project aims to achieve the principle outcomes identified in the Urban Landscape Design Framework;

  • A clean, uncluttered highway;

  • A stitched-together landscape; and

  • Celebration of the cultural footprint of Mana Whenua.

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Feedback timeframes

 The Board of Inquiry conditions allow 20 working days for stakeholders to provide comments on the draft Pūhoi Sector ULDSP. Feedback on this plan closed 15 November 2018.

Once all comments are received these will be reviewed and any changes made to the document. The final ULDSP will then be submitted to Auckland Council along with an overview of feedback received and an explanation of whether this has been incorporated into the plan or not. The final ULDSP will be available online at