Urban Landscape Design Sector Plans (ULDSP)

The Urban Landscape Design Sector Plans (ULDSPs) include the detailed design of the motorway. These plans have been developed for each sector of the project: South - Pūhoi, Central - Moir Hill to Hikauae Creek and North - Warkworth. 

Development of the ULDSPs is guided by the Urban and Landscape Design Framework (ULDF), which was prepared as a part of the Board of Inquiry conditions for the Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway project. It is also the overarching framework for project’s urban and landscape design which can be viewed here

The ULDSP includes drawings and details on various construction and design elements of the project. For example, for any construction yards within 200m of a residential dwelling, the plans will show the yards are screened off from the public. The ULDSP also shows features such as the motorway and local road design, pedestrian and cycle facilities, retaining walls and landscaping of earthworks areas.

Residents listed in the BOI conditions were consulted in the development of these plans. All ULDSPs have now been certified by Auckland Council.