Pukerito roundabout (the northern connection)

Pukerito is where the new Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway will connect with State Highway 1 (SH1) at the northern end, between Hudson Road and Kaipara Flats Road. Pukerito will be an important landmark, particularly to the residents of Warkworth and to travelers heading to and from Matakana, Whangarei, and the Far North.

The name Pukerito was gifted to the project by Hōkai Nuku. It can be translated as ‘middle hill’ and signifies the general area as a gully between two hills.

What are we doing?

As our team progress works at Pukerito, temporary changes to the existing road alignment are required before continuing with the intersection upgrade works. This will accommodate the increase in traffic movements once the project is complete in mid-May 2022. The work also seeks to enable and accommodate a safe and efficient linkage to the new intersection connecting Auckland Transport’s Matakana Link Road.

Safety is our highest priority, and a reduced speed limit of 60km/h during the day will remain in place for the duration of the works.

For your safety, the safety of our staff, and to minimise traffic disruptions, most of the work is being undertaken during the night between 7pm and 5am. A reduced speed limit of 30km/h with stop/go traffic management will be in place from 7pm to 5am during night works (Sundays to Thursdays only).

We ask that drivers keep to the temporary speed limit, drive to the conditions and don’t be distracted by work activity. While we will try to limit disruption to traffic flows, road users should plan ahead and allow more time for their journey. NX2 would like to thank road users for their patience and understanding while we complete this work.


Kaipara Flats Road/Goatley Road intersection

As part of the northern connection works, the intersection at Kaipara Flats Road, Goatley Road and State Highway 1 is also being upgraded.

New barriers have been installed and an extra median lane will be introduced as part of the final design, allowing vehicles to safely merge when turning onto State Highway 1 southbound. Road resurfacing is scheduled to take place later this year, which will see an increase in the final height of the road in this area.

A temporary speed limit of 60km is in place until the works have been completed. For the safety of themselves and other motorists, road users are asked to please keep to the speed limit and follow the direction of traffic management signs.

Asset Maintenance & Management (AM&M) building

Located between Pukerito and Auckland Transport’s Matakana Link Road intersection is the Asset Maintenance & Management (AM&M) building. This is being built as a maintenance depot and office facilities for the ongoing maintenance and operation of this section of SH1.

The location was chosen next to the roundabout for ease of access to the main alignment and to provide better response times in case of emergencies on the motorway.


  • A multi-lane roundabout with three exit points: The north-bound exit (onto existing SH1), the east-bound exit (heading towards Warkworth), and the south-bound exit (entering the new motorway)
  • Widening of existing SH1 between the new roundabout and the SH1/Hudson Road intersection to provide two lanes in each direction (plus additional for turning movements)
  • A left turn slip lane from the motorway to exiting SH1 (northbound)
  • A left turn slip lane from the existing SH1 towards Warkworth (eastbound)
  • A left turn slip lane from Warkworth towards the motorway (southbound)
  • A shared walking and cycling path

Traffic signals

Two signalised road crossings will be installed: one for Matakana Link Road and the other on SH1 South.


The wetland forest which previously occupied the low-lying ground on the approach to the roundabout from the south will be regenerated. Planting around the northern roundabout will be bold and will include a selection of locally relevant indigenous specimens.